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KiwiRail Putaruru Crossing Use Increasing from Today

“We will notice more trains going in and out of KiwiRail’s Putararu yard as the amount of product that is shipped out by rail from the Lichfield plant grows,” said a KiwiRail spokesperson.

From today, KiwiRail will be using the yard to stable wagons as it puts together the trains that transport milk powder.

This will mean the Main St level crossing will be used more often on weekdays and there will be some extra delays.

Because of this, expect trains from either direction and any time, and pay attention to the barriers, bells and lights at the crossing.

The KiwiRail spokesperson added, “More wagons on the line means fewer trucks on the road, less congestion and a better result for the environment  – every tonne of freight moved by rail delivers a 66 per cent reduction in carbon emissions from that carried on the road.”

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  1. Heather Williamson

    Will never reach the same level of use when the goods and packages came by rail – in the day – and all timber came out of Pinedale to Penrose.

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