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Meet the Candidates Meeting: Putaruru Plaza

The candidates who attended and addressed the Grey Power hosted meeting at The Plaza, Putaruru, yesterday afternoon were, Louise Upston, National, the current member for Taupo, Stu Husband, New Zealand FirstAdrian Rurawhe, the current member for Te Tai Hauāuru and Ala’ Al-Bustanji, Labour, who is standing for the Taupo electorate.

These four had un-interrupted, (almost), time to speak about the questions they had received beforehand. There were quite a number of audience interjections that required the facilitator to intervene.

Speaking order was decided by lot and some of the points made by the 4 speakers follow.

The on-line Prattler is not in the practice of making personal political comments. If you want to raise questions, please contact the individuals concerned. What follows is a brief outline of some of the statements made during the meeting.

Stu Husband: NZ First (17 on the Party List)

Stuart Husband: New Zealand First

  • local farmer form Morrinsville – Federated Farmers and Regional Waikato Council
  • concerned for the future of rural New Zealand
  • lack of Police numbers in smaller districts
  • poor state of the mental health system – why was Lifeline funding cut?
  • lowest level of home ownership now in this country
  • GP’s are overloaded
  • current government offers anything but stability
  • spend money to become carbon neutral
  • drastically reduce immigration
  • bring bankers back to New Zealand
  • enhanced SuperCard to become a debit card
  • water not sold to foreigners
  • tourist gst comes back to the regions
Ala’ Al-Bustanji: Labour

Ala’ Al-Bustanji: Labour

  • a strong economy is one were people can afford good health, housing, rentals…
  • desperate adverts on TV showing present government has lost the plot
  • out of control suicide numbers 
  • launch a review of mental health in the first 100 days
  • focus on healthy eating for children
  • restore the Superannuation Scheme – there have been no payments into this over the last 9 years
  • a tax on tourists coming to New Zealand
  • free mental health care – every public school to have a nurse
  • 100,000 affordable homes 
  • a special group to review the use of water and the environment
Louise Upston: National

Louise Upston: National

  • need a strong economy to pay for everything – aim to get this back into the black
  • need an economy that can react to disasters that may happen 
  • establish a school of rural medicine
  • start the superannuation scheme in 2020 when debt has been reduced
  • government departments more responsible to us all
  • transitional housing for 3 months with wrap around services – a social investment
  • work with local SWDC to fast track housing
  • focus on the causes of homelessness
  • $30000 grant for people to get into their first home – “homestart grant”
  • funding ‘digital literacy’ education for seniors
  • water-ways 90% fully swimmable by 2040
  • water bottling – a group of technical experts working on water allocation, (quantity), water exports and how that should work for bottling plants that export
Adrian Adrian Rurawhe: Te Tai Hauāuru

Adrian Rurawhe: Te Tai Hauāuru

  • education/technology – restore the funding to night classes and the ability to improve technical skills – support SeniorNet
  • put the word ‘free’ back into free education – make 3 years post secondary school education available over a range of providers
  • vote by thinking about what is good for everyone – a family approach
  • why give the top 10% of earners in the country tax breaks they don’t really need?
  • 2 or 3 families living in one house is ‘homelessness”
  • a whole review of taxation over the next 3 years
  • a crackdown on housing speculators
  • those who make waterways dirty should pay for the cleanup

After the meeting, those attending this Grey Power hosted event were able to mingle and personally speak with the candidates attending. Congratulations to Grey Power for arranging these 2017 election meetings.