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TOP stop in Putaruru – Chatting with Gareth

Gareth in chat mode, and a cup of tea…

Gareth Morgan, leader of TOP, The Opportunities Party, dropped into Putaruru briefly yesterday as he travelled from Rotorua to Hamilton. Why not stop in a town where part of your youth was spent?

A chat session in the Putaruru District Services Memorial Club provided a good opportunity to hear and discuss a range of subjects. Using only a cup of tea as a prop, Gareth’s informal approach was both local and global in outlook. Having been a student at Putaruru College, (using its new name), the 4 Cs (communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration) are seen as the new educational 3R’s.

There was initial conversation about what those present considered to be local issues, then this moved to a few of the major policies of TOP.

As usual we outline a few of the points covered rather than an interpretation of policy.

Some of the points that emerged were:

  • the current tax regime favours owners of capital and unjustly burdens wage earners – this is not only inequitable, it results in poor utilisation of capital and lower than necessary income and employment
  • promoting a change from property being the way to make money to business, (our own, a family or community investments), instead of bidding against each other for property
  • be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it
  • grow profit by improving the value of our exports rather than increasing the volume of them
  • a move towards a UBI system, (Unconditional Basic Income), as a low flat tax rate is established – this is a different system to any being used at the moment and is based on whole philosophy rather than a haphazard approach
  • taking into account that the world is rapidly changing and we urgently need to consider the impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs – the fact that many families are not in the 21st century and many university degrees do not address the changing world around us

Gareth and the TOP team then moved on to Putaruru College to interact with a group of students there.

As usual, the Prattler on-line presents meetings in an informal way. To gain a larger picture, visit the web-site of any party to learn more. For TOP this can be found here.

Off to college…