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Thank you!

For the last 6 weeks the on-line Prattler operated from Ireland and Paris by means of a small laptop, a camera and varying internet access circumstances – but, we are now back in town, unpacked and will be regularly on-line again from Tuesday.

A big thinks to those that kept you up to date by sending images and text about the local scene. So, Matt, Stu, Sheryl, two Sue’s, thank you for the local news, Simone for additional mural information and Kelly and Debbie for the detailed Tritons rugby success coverage.

Along the way a power outage froze the laptop and a new system had to be installed as a result of which email contact had to be re-arranged.

One night it took one and a half hours to upload 4 pictures to the on-line Prattler, but luckily this wasn’t always the case.

Hopefully the local video, pictures and text we shared from Ireland and Paris were of interest.

Again, thank you to the above news providers. Remember that everyone is able to contribute to the on-line Prattler with text and pictures – see information about this on its website.

Look out for us as we resume our news beat and free on-line service tomorrow, but for now a final image from Paris.

9:30 at night as the sun sets on Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine flows on…

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