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Pool Party

Friday night saw a pool full of young people between the ages of 9 and 14 enjoying a rave at the Putaruru Pools.

There was music, a large inflatable and games for those attending, to enjoy. A patient queue was always formed to tackle the water inflatable.

Some slid, others rolled, while a few jumped after reaching the highest point.

Large splashes and laughter were the order of the evening that was arranged by the South Waikato District Council.

As a reminder, the Neighbourhood Community event postponed from earlier in the week is on this Tuesday 20th in Overdale Street by the Library and Skate Bowl, starting at 5:30pm.


St Pauls Dahlia and Rose Show

The annual St Pauls Dahlia and Rose Show was staged yesterday from noon until 4:00pm.

Not only were there dahlias and roses to admire but miniature gardens, vegetable animals, as well as a fresh produce sale set out in the shade area of the front lawn.

Many of the entries were from children in contests arranged especially for them, as well as exhibits from Ballymena House.

There was a steady stream of visitors to the show throughout the warm summer afternoon.

Taking time to smell the roses is always a pleasure. Congratulations to St Paul’s for maintaining its floral exhibitions.



Fibre Broadband Network Building Begins Soon

You may be seeing activity on the streets of Putaruru soon. This is Ultrafast Fibre building the new fibre broadband network. They are upgrading Putaruru streets to the latest broadband technology. This work is due to begin on the 26th of February.

If Putaruru residents would like to receive a streamlined fibre installation, you can register for free at Click on the Putaruru button.

Click the Putaruru tab on ths link to register your interest…
  • Register your interest for FREE via the form to let the team know if you want them to install some of their network on your property when they build down the street.

  • Ultrafast Fibre Limited (UFF) will contact you to take you through the next steps.

  • Once UFF gives you the green light, you can contact your preferred broadband provider and sign up to a Fibre Broadband service.

Streamline your fibre installation into your home by registering now, while the network build along the street is in progress.

Important to note:

  • This streamlined installation is free and it’s free to fill in the form.

  • Ultrafast Fibre is not a broadband provider. Ultrafast Fibre install the fibre broadband network.

  • To get fibre broadband you will need to contact your preferred provider once the UFF team have given you the green light.

“The economic benefits of having fibre installed in our towns is huge,” said Council’s Community Group Manager Sam Marshall. “It makes for faster, more reliable and consistent internet connectivity that is so essential to business success in this day and age.”

Fibre Broadband is also coming to Tīrau; included a little later in the piece, so the UFF team is still in the planning phase of how the town will become connected. This will be clearer in the coming months and Tīrau residents can expect to start seeing some promotion in their township too.

“We’re thrilled that Putaruru was selected as part of the second rollout,” said Mayor Jenny Shattock. “Fibre is the future for connectivity and speedy internet. With Tokoroa already connected, Putaruru imminent and Tīrau pending… that’s really awesome for our district. And not just for business either. Home internet needs are also increasing with many of us having multiple devices all ‘wanting’ bandwidth at the same time. Families and residents will see a big difference too.”

“Council staff have worked closely with the UFF team since Putaruru was announced and we’re very pleased that we are one of the first towns off the block in this new roll out,” continued Mayor Shattock.

Fibre benefits are said to be:

  • Faster download speeds (typically three times or more)

  • Dramatically faster upload speeds (typically 10 times or more)

  • Improved reliability due to the removal of the inconsistencies associated with copper cable for data transmission

  • Fibre is an enabler for international business through improved information and data flow

  • High definition (HD) quality video conferencing

  • Enablement of internet based backup systems for much larger amounts of data

  • More flexible capabilities for working from home

  • More consistent online video and TV services (Netflix, YouTube, Lightbox, Neon TV, Sky Go, etc)

  • Remote cloud backup and data sharing are be more practical

Water Gardens and Aqua Jars – Water Festival, Getting Crafty

Our next Water Festival samples and tips for the Getting Crafty competition that is associated with the festival this year.

Two of the 9 craft activities are a WATER GARDEN and a AQUA JAR.

Any of the crafts entered are to have a WATER THEME.

Here are some ideas about these 2 activities.

Aqua Jar

  • a glass jar with a lid

  • plasticine or blue-tac

  • a toothpick

  • some flowers and leaves

  • water

You might now:

  • stick blue-tac inside  the lid

  • use a toothpick to poke holes in the blue-tac to make it easier to put the flowers in

  • arrange the flowers in the holes

  • fill the jar with water

  • place the flowers, attached to the inside of the lid, into the jar and screw the lid firmly into place

  • tip the jar upside down

Other Ideas:

  • add food colouring to the water

See how the flowers look different when looking at them through the water.


Water Garden

These pictures give you some starter ideas…

Craft Entry Details are:

Age groups: preschool, 5 – 7 year olds, 8 – 10 year olds, 11 – 14 year olds and 15 years and older.

All crafts entered must have a water theme.

All paper projects must be no larger than 30cm x 30cm.

All work to be clearly named on the back/underneath.

Getting Crafty Entry Forms to be returned to Pride In Putaruru before 4pm on Tuesday 20 February. Entries can be dropped off at the Putaruru Information Centre before 4pm on Friday 23 February or at the Water Festival Pride in Putaruru tent before 9am on Saturday 24 February.

All entries must be picked up on the day, after 3pm. Entry Forms are available online at: or from the PiP office, 2 Overdale Street, Putaruru, or use the one below.

Neighbourhood Party Postponed

The Putaruru Our Neighbourhood Party tomorrow, Tuesday night, has been postponed until the following Tuesday 20th due to the forecast predicting nasty weather.

Get Crafting

The Water Festival is not too many weeks away and we’ll be sharing some samples and tips for the Getting Crafty competitions that are associated with the festival this year.

One of the 9 craft activities is a SCRAPBOOK PAGE.

Any of the crafts entered are to have a WATER THEME.

Here are 2 samples of a SCRAPBOOK PAGE with a WATER THEME.

Craft Entry Details are:

Age groups: preschool, 5 – 7 year olds, 8 – 10 year olds, 11 – 14 year olds and 15 years and older.

All crafts entered must have a water theme.

All paper projects must be no larger than 30cm x 30cm.

All work to be clearly named on the back/underneath.

Getting Crafty Entry Forms to be returned to Pride In Putaruru before 4pm on Tuesday 20 February. Entries can be dropped off at the Putaruru Information Centre before 4pm on Friday 23 February or at the Water Festival Pride in Putaruru tent before 9am on Saturday 24 February.

All entries must be picked up on the day, after 3pm. Entry Forms are available online at: or from the PiP office, 2 Overdale Street, Putaruru, or use the one below.


Putaruru From Above

Putaruru as processed by Aaron

Flying from Wellington to Auckland one evening scientist Aaron SchiffI saw the lights of the small towns of the North Island of New Zealand passing below like the night sky and wondered if it was possible to create something similar using data.

Small towns of Aotearoa is the result. It shows an approximation of the nighttime lights of the 96 urbanised areas in New Zealand that are less than 25 square kilometres in size, (25 square kilometres was just an arbitrary choice by Aaron). “I found that I did not know many of them and got curious about exactly where they were,” said Aaron.

Can you recognise these other North Island small towns.









Answers Below (scroll down)









A = Taumarunui

B = Morrinsville

C = Kawerau

D = Matamata


Water Festival Top Team Challenge

The Water Festival is on Saturday 24 of this month and from time to time we’ll update you prior to this popular event.

The Top Team Challenge will be running with teams of 6 taking part in activities to challenge you in both water and land events. Included will be a water obstacle course and water relays, as well as a team relay on land.

There are three age groups, children year 5 – 6, year 7 – 8 and year 9 – adults.

Now is the time to get your team together and reserve your position in the Top Team Event Challenge for 2018. If you have a group of 6 who would enjoy the challenge, fill in the form below and return it to Pride In Putaruru PO Box 155 Putaruru or in the drop box outside the office.

Entry forms must be received on or before Monday 19 February and may be left in the Drop Box at #2 Overdale Street, posted to Pride in Putaruru PO Box 155 Putaruru, or emailed to

Entry forms also available on line at:

What Are These For?

We wish you all the best for 2018 as we resume the Prattler on-line. Please use the contact form on this site if you have any news to share.

The summer season has seen the usual road re-sealing work throughout the country and the South Waikato was no exception, with a number of streets receiving attention in Putaruru.

A few people wondered what these small black tags were for in Princes Street that appeared on the new surface. Why were they in pairs?

Were they part of a cycleway project, parking meter locations, gps markers or tree planting sites? Was a new bypass being developed?

The answer came a few days later after a special car trapping white mixture was applied to the road at the pinpointed spots. At this particular time, no vehicles had been caught. But give them time.

Happy New Year

January 1st 2018.

Janus, the Roman god of exits and entrances, transitions and similar time attributes applied to the world today often prompts our looking forward and boldly making predictions about changes as a whole and as individuals.

Quietly, just before Christmas, 2 new baby minion eyes arrived and looked out into Putaruru. What will they see this year?

Well the year itself will bring nothing – it’s people who’ll do this, along with the natural events that occur in the environment.

Will there still be three road entrances to Putaruru?

Will the railway line continue to head north and south?

Will the return occur?

Will the water feature still be like this?

Will this keyboard still be qwerty arranged?

Mmm? This list could spiral out of control so best stop it there.

But in this traditional time thinking thoughtfulness mode there are no limits to what we might imagine or action. If we stand still, the world will continue to move around us anyway – will we accept anyway the wind blows?

So, in this reflective mindset, the on-line Prattler will take a short break as January begins, and return again mid-month to see what’s about in the dominion of the new baby minion. The first morning of 2018 has broken… HAPPY NEW YEAR from Pride in Putaruru.






FaceBook Recently



The Pride in Putaruru FaceBook group has been used over the holiday period to make quite a number of statements over local issues. One of these was the Putaruru Water Park feature.

As with many issues the fact that we make choices to act as we do can’t be ignored.

Here is a summary of some of the choices people have made in relation to this, (and similar), matters.

People Choose To...People Choose To...
enjoy the water park arealeave rubbish in the water park feature
keep their home grounds tidyhave rubbish and unkempt vegetation around their homes
build float displays for the Christmas paradespray parade vehicles with substances that cause paint damage
contribute hours of unpaid service to the townexploit the area and move on
follow safety and vehicle use signageignore safety and vehicle use signage
dump their rubbish responsiblyabandon refuse outsde the gates of the dump
enjoy a restaurant or cafe meal with laughter and conversationspread their cigarette smoke
read long term plans and make thoughtful submissionscomplain about lack of action
appreciate that the character of an item may be individually valuedsee all items as having to fit only their perception
seize the dayblame the day
negotiate actiondemand action
know that problems can occur and seek positive ways to alleviate themcomplain and blame when problems happen
pay for possessionstake the possessions of others
know that events have causesignore what the causes might be
model and teach respectshow lack of respect
acknowledge that the environment is affected by all our actionsignore their actions on the environment when it suits

Communication is great – but how we choose to use it can helpful or hindering.

Merry Christmas – These Houses Light Up…

We wish all our subscribers and readers a very Merry Christmas. The images today show some of the public displays of the festive season to be seen in the area. The on-line Prattler has as its major aim the celebration of the South Waikato through locally provided sharing of things positive and home lighting displays for public pleasure are one example of this.

Many people are taking the opportunity to view homes that have been lit up for the Christmas season. In some cases groups of houses have exterior lighting displays.


During the day it’s not only people that can appreciate the displays…

Thank you to those who supplied some of these photographs.

If you would like to send a photo of any Christmas related display you have made, we can share them here for others to enjoy. Please send, using the largest file size possible, your images to

Pride in Putaruru and Putaruru Moving Forward wish you all a very merry Christmas season and acknowledge all those who are helping to contribute to and grow the positive heartbeat of our community.


Christmas Music with Local Connections


The Christmas medley from The Putaruru Choir was filmed at one of their concert afternoons earlier in the year. Mary Heberley is the conductor and Irene McIvor the accompanist.

Messiah by Handel was first performed in Dublin in 1742, but this performance of He Shall Feed His Flock sung by Madison Nonoa, soprano and Kate Spence, alto, took place at the Plaza a few years ago, with Peter Walls conducting. This production featured the Hamilton Civic Choir and the Rotorua District Choir accompanied by the Opus Orchestra.

Set to Oh Holy Night, the shots in this video were filmed around Putaruru. Can you spot any changes that have taken place since then?

Santa Inside, Santa Outside and Community Garden Raffle

Santa Inside:

The Putaruru Hotel have set up a Santa’s Workshop display that opens at 10 each morning. The Prattler showed you the outside but today we look a little more closely inside. We have left some details of the display out so that a personal visit will reward you further.

Santa Outside:

On the left hand side of the highway between Putaruru and Tirau the traditional paddock display has been set up again – please take care if you decide to pull over for a closer look.


Community Garden Raffle Results:

The winners went to tickets held by Dixon and Anderson.

The group would like to thank the following firms for their donations for this raffle…

  • Stihl Shop
  • Van Dyks
  • Farmlands
  • Unichem Pharmacy
  • The Cow Cafe
  • AJ’s Tyres Sales and Service
  • Hammer Hardware
  • Countdown
  • Over the Moon
  • Wrightsons

Christmas Parade Video

Video of the Pride in Putaruru Christmas Parade has been added to the PiP TV Channel videos and can be viewed in full HD quality from the side bar or here.

This post has a small size version of the video adjusted to suit this blog.

Pride in Putaruru sincerely thanks all those who built a float, paraded in their vintage cars and trucks, dressed up and marched and provided the music for the Christmas Parade. Giving to the community like this is really appreciated. Thank you again also to the businesses who decorated their shop windows for the display competition.

All the Prattler still shots of the parade were extracted from this video footage. A selection of these  are shown below.



The December Prattler is now out On-Line

You can now read the print edition of the December Prattler in it’s on-line page turning format now.

Click on the December issue icon in the side bar to open this edition.

The actual print edition will be delivered this Wednesday.

Should you wish to download the paper in pdf format, click on the image below.


Float Parade Awards at Glenshea Park

Fire engine rides…
Enjoying the vintage fire engine ride…

After the parade returned to Glenshea Park last night there were free activities, food, music by the Te Awamutu and District Highland Pipe Band and the Cambridge Brass Band.

The Te Awamutu and District Highland Pipe Band.
A section of the crowd at Glenshea Park.
Plenty of takers for this free activity.
The Scout food tent.
The new PiP Manager at work…
Heathers food caravan.

Pride in Putaruru Chairman Stu Edmeades and manager Rebecca Sanson then presented the awards to the winners of the 3 Float Categories and announced the Overall Winner.

Quilt ‘n’ Knit2 – the window display winner.
Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre – winner of the Children and Youth float section.
Putaruru Tyres, winner of the Commercial float section.
St Pauls Church, winner of the Services, Clubs and Societies float section.
Stu Edmeades holds the trophy awarded to the Overall Winner – Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre.

Christmas Parade

It was a great night for the Pride in Putaruru Christmas Parade on Friday. Families lined the parade route from Glenshea Park to Princes Street, and return.

There will be a full report and many pictures in the Prattler due out this Wednesday, but for the record the Float Winners were:

Children & Youth: Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre

Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre.

Commercial: Putaruru Tyres

Putaruru Tyres.

Services, Clubs & Societies: St Pauls Church

St Pauls Church.

Of course Santa and his helpers were at the parade as well!

Santa and his helpers.

And the OVERALL WINNER of the float section of the Christmas Parade was:

 Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre

Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre.


Pride in Putaruru & Putaruru Moving Forward – Funding Model Changes

Pride in Putaruru & Putaruru Moving Forward – Funding Model Changes

Our Focus

We are currently considering the future focus of Pride in Putaruru (PIP) and Putaruru Moving Forward (PMF). This is driven by a changing vision, community engagement and changing times. This engagement document outlines the new focus and the funding required to ensure we deliver on the Putaruru Concept Plan. Add to this, a change in staff, some funding anomalies and other changes and it makes this an ideal time to do a complete review.

This post runs you through those… but first a little background.

The Background

PIP has been part of Putaruru for over 20 years. The activity is half funded by Putaruru Ward residents and half by (some) businesses (ie those currently being rated under the Putaruru Business Rate). It delivers a range of services including but not limited to the Putaruru Business Awards, Christmas Parade, Information Service, Business After 5 Ladies Breakfast, The Prattler, picnic tables, among other events and initiatives.

PMF is a newer group working closely with PIP to prepare Putaruru to meet the demands of the future, foster economic growth and drive community vibrancy.
Both PIP and PMF enjoy an excellent relationship with Elected Members and Council staff. This relationship ensures that together we can make significant positive changes in Putaruru.
The activities of PIP and PMF contribute greatly to the economic and community development of Putaruru.


There is an online survey available at the bottom of this information. We encourage you to read the information first before completing the survey. We suggest too that if you have questions please contact

  • Stu Edmeades (Putaruru Moving Forward) on 0274 409 899; or

  • Ben Smit (Council’s Deputy Chief Executive) on 021 436 580


Current Situation

The PIP contract with Council is up for renewal. The contract is currently $66,125 (incl GST) and has not been increased for a decade.

The scope and current level of funding does not cover the full extent of activities that both groups are now involved in. These new areas were developed over the last few years in response to community and business feedback. Some of these larger projects include the tidy up of the town centre (CBD area), the development of the Putaruru Concept Plan, involvement in the Putaruru Growth Plan and attracting new business to Putaruru.
The Putaruru Concept Plan needs further development to achieve the outcomes that came from community feedback.

The Future

The Putaruru Concept Plan identifies five work streams:

  • Facilitating a strong sense of community
  • Planning for residential growth
  • Supporting existing businesses (eg, shop frontages, mentoring, etc)
  • Managing community events, information centre and the community focused Prattler
  • Encouraging new business development

Extra Resource and Direction

PIP’s current funding employs a part time manager. Our current manager has retired. We have appointed a temporary manager to coordinate events and manage PIP until the end of June 2018.

We believe it is timely for us to employ a full time manager to: 

  • Further develop and support the implementation of the Putaruru Concept Plan.
  • Provide a community support function, eg extra community events, information service, websites and The Prattler.
  • Support business by facilitating mentoring programmes, improved alignment with Waikato Innovation Park, project coordination with PMF and a business development and investment link.
  • Develop and maintain a database of land for sale and business opportunities together with a business investment website to highlight our strengths, our good news and the marketing of Putaruru.
  • The new manager with work closely with PIP and PMF and with Council Elected Members and staff, the SWIF Trust, Waikato River Trails, local business people, Economic Development Agencies and others to develop Putaruru.

Community Benefit vs Business Benefit

Given the focus of the Putaruru Concept Plan, it is felt that the ‘community in general’ and the ‘business community’ will benefit equally from the outcomes of these activities so it is proposed that the current split of the PIP funding being 50% from the Ward and 50% as a business rate remains status quo.

Additional Funding

To employ a full time manager with the experience to drive business development, facilitate business and community connections, deliver events, develop the website, deliver the information service and other functions we need to increase our funding.

To cover the cost of a full time manager and other increases in costs over the last ten years we are looking for additional funding of $64,400 (incl GST).

As part of the total review we are also recommending a change in the rates funding model based on the benefits and equity.

The current rating model is:

  • Putaruru Ward rate – charged at a fixed rate of $24.86 to each property in the Ward.
  • Putaruru Business rate – charged on capital value to all properties currently rated on a designated list. The list of business properties is out of date.

The Business Rate

The current list doesn’t include a number of businesses that it should and includes some properties that it shouldn’t.

Most notably we are proposing to exclude the Rangiuru units as they are residential properties, and include some businesses that should be rated. These businesses will be approached individually.

Currently the business portion of the funding works on capital value only. This could be seen to be inequitable, resulting in a small number of higher value properties paying a significant portion of the funding and lower valued properties paying very little.

To make it more equitable it is proposed that half of the Putaruru Business Rate (ie 25% of total funding) be based on capital value; and half as a flat rate per property (ie, 25% of the total funding). This means the split is more equitable across all businesses.

Funding Model – now and proposed

All business rates will be different depending on its capital value (see examples to the right). Figures, incl GST. Most properties fall into either the Property B or C example below. It is impossible to detail the specifics. If you have a question, contact details are on the front cover.

Below are the rating options that compares 2017-18 rates with proposed rates going forward. Figures, incl GST. Properties in the Ward (ie, not businesses) will see an annual increase in rates of just under $10.

* not all of this funding goes to PIP, there are some additional elements funded, eg CCTV cameras, administration costs

Have your say

  • Online survey link here.

  • Hard copy information engagement flyer (including hard copy survey form) here.

Christmas Carols Quiz

Our new quiz is on-line now and features Christmas Carols.

We give you the first line and you choose from the options the correct next line.

Use this link to start the quiz and/or go to the Fortnightly Quiz tab on this site.

Let’s go!