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Anzaz Day Preparation

The remembrances crosses have been set out in the Garden of Memories, and large poppies erected on the main roundabout in Putaruru prior to the Dawn Parade on April 25.

The Dawn Service begins at 6:00am on ANZAC Day while at 9:00am there is a Civic Ceremony at The Plaza.

The memorial tree planted in 2015 continues to thrive.

Memorial Tree Planting – April 2015

Memorial Tree and plaque (above) – April 2017

Cones around Town!

The slip from last week on the up-hill entrance to Putaruru from the North was cleared away this morning.

There were delays as the road was reduced to one lane.

In town there was also activity near the railway crossing in Main Street.

It was a full on day for cones.

McDoner’s Now Open

McDoner’s is now open at 25 Princes Street, Putaruru. The fit-out is now complete, the signs are up and food is being served.

On offer is a carefully selected range of kebabs, meals, pizzas and salads that suit all taste buds.

McDonner’s also offer a range of combo meals as well as a Kids Menu.

The phone number is (o7) 883 7843 and they are open every day of the week except Monday.

Enterprising Children

It’s the school holidays. What can we do? Jett and Jorja have the answer, set up a small sales table outside your house.

For the last few days they have been collecting feijoas and walnuts and now have them set up at their table ready for you.

Why not give them toot and make a purchase. You’ll find them at the corner of Tirau Street and Junction Street.

Harmony House: Dave Was Ours Tonight

Captains Log: April 15 – 2017 DD time.

Finally after exhaustive carbon dating we can confirm that a substance known as Dobbyn has indeed magical magnetic qualities. The Dude was a smash – bliss that was more than true.

For the record, loyal fans filled The Plaza Theatre, Putaruru which for the night became Harmony House as Dave and his gifted band swept the crowd along with an inspired collection of songs, sometimes old, sometimes new.

Billed as A Slice of Heaven, it was more than evident that this was no mere slice – more a mains of New Zealand specialities crafted and served by a master.

The first set saw Dave on keyboard and occasionally guitar, serving up newer material with sides of anecdote.

Set two featured Dave on guitar and the musical ensemble had us totally engaged as standards became adventures into progressive sound exploration. Hopefully this carbon record will be preserved for future generations.

Of note too, was the crisp full sound reproduced by the crew as well as the four panel digital images that were the hypnotic background to many of the pieces.

Although this was heaven, there was also sadness reflected on the night with the recent passing of two icons that were a part of Dave’s world, John Clarke and Murray Ball.

Appreciation must also be expressed to The Plaza committee for bringing A Slice of Heaven to Putaruru. We know to Just Add Water, but was it the Blue Spring that had us all sailing away full steam ahead? Log ends…

Suck It Up!

Three specialist waste disposal taker trucks have been operating over the last few days bringing excess waste from the Tirau water treatment station to the facilities in Putaruru.

Brendan McGovern and the other operators have been going backwards and forwards between Tirau and Putaruru to carry out this almost completed operation.

Brendan keeping an eye on progress at Putaruru.

The Outlook for Saturday…

The Oraka Steam yesterday morning.

The Oraka Stream came in for close inspection yesterday as the water level rose rapidly following persistent rainfall. This picture was taken at 11:15am Friday morning.

This morning at 7:00am the water level had fallen but the flow was still swift.

The same stream at 7:00am this morning.

The outcome was not as bad as this scene from March 2016.

Oraka Stream, March 2016

On the rise leading up into Putaruru from the North a small slip slowed traffic a little.

On a personal note, the traffic heading South at midday Friday stretched bumper to bumper from Tirau to the State Highway 29 turn off at Piarere and then again from Horotiu SHW 1 all the way back to Auckland.

Traffic heading South from Auckland was bumper to bumper.

Heading North over the same stretch of road was no problem. Our reward was the outstanding Pop Up Globe experience of As You Like It. You had to be there to appreciate the superb performance of Jonathan Tynan-Moss as Rosalind as he swung between macho man and Juliet desires.

Touchstone the jester involves the audience in the As You Like It, titanic affair…

Even a Water Feature Needs Water

This won’t be the last of the leaves!

Yes, it’s the falling leaves season and the Water Feature is having it’s scheduled water blast. No ducks were found but there was the odd extinguished bird among the debris.

The water feature – it’s a blast.

In A Roundabout Way

Replanting at the roundabout.

Someone once asked, “Did Roger Plant while Roger Waters?”

We’re not sure, but the roundabout planting is all complete and it probably won’t be long before it rains.

We appreciate the way the SWDC regularly maintain the garden areas in the central business area.

The freshly planted roundabout – Princes and Main Street intersection.

As we circle the roundabout, perhaps strains of Waters can be heard:

Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

and just before flowering time it may be in order to ask: “Which one’s pink?”

But Plant, may muse:

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on…

but which exit leads to the stairway?

Paint it Black

This was the Putaruru and District Memorial Club fence a few days ago…

Painting organised by Putaruru Moving forward in the business area of Putaruru progresses and the image of the town continues to improve.

Half of team White in action – that’s what you do during the University term break.

Currently, fencing at the Putaruru and District Memorial Club is being transformed as team White paints it black.

Black on white…

The NEWS Quiz – Rivers and Water

This image has something to do with one of the quiz questions…

Our third news inspired quiz is now ready. Will you sink or swim? Try your hand, then challenge a friend.

This quiz relates to rivers and water, something that many residents have had more than enough of recently.

Go to the Weekly Quiz page of the site to access the new quiz.

A Way To Go Yet – But Worth Waiting For

Some of the removed rubbish from the hole…

If you go down to the dump today you’re sure of a big surprise. The weigh-bridge, (which had been malfunctioning), has been removed and the ground beneath it is being cleared from years of accumulated rubbish.

Compacting the new fill…
Old scrap has been removed…

Currently, fresh fill is being emptied into the hole, with each added load being compacted.

Fresh fill being unloaded…
Compactors at work…

The actual weigh-bridge structure is stored to the side awaiting the remediation work being carried out where it stood, to be completed.

Waiting for the remediation to be completed…

It is envisaged that the weigh-bridge will be back in operation in about 2 weeks time. Then it will be able to carry that weight even if it’s not aweigh. As for us, we can’t wait.

Cloud Based Signage Trial

Activated sign in VC mode, but are they ‘cloud illusions?’

Putaruru may be in line for trial cloud based navigation services being developed by Mercator and Point. Few details are available at this time but the theory is that by employing new WAI, (Where Am I) technology, anyone with WAI equipped devices such as mobile phones and popular wrist activated fitness trackers will be able to use the service.

Mercator and Point realise though that not everyone will have, or want to use this new technology, so existing signs are being left in what they call the VC mode. This Visual Cloud mode still provides non-WAI assistance but the down-side is that text and symbol orientation is not very user friendly. Some critics see this as a blatant attempt to force people into adopting the WAI technology, but only time will tell.

Another disadvantage that our example illustrates is that in VC mode, the actual information is wrong. Locals know that Hamilton and Rotorua are not necessarily in the same direction, but visitors may be caught unawares.

Over the years, many models have been created to represent how we see the earth and with modern technology this desire to create new visual and virtual representations of our world continues. Some have expressed surprise about the use of the acronym ‘WAI,’ which New Zealanders know refers to ‘water,’ but Mercator and Point explain that the blue and white represent the sky and clouds – the ‘home’ of their system.

It may be that many years ago, singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell foresaw this situation, and her words may turn out to be prophetically true:

It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

If you see other evidence of this trial where actioned signs have been left in the VC mode, please contact the on-line Prattler.

Ebony Curtin – Newly Appointed as Putaruru Services Manager

The South Waikato District Council is thrilled to let our community know that Ebony Curtin has taken on the role of Putaruru Services Manager. Ebony is a familiar face at the Putaruru Service Centre and is taking over the reigns as Pam Reed, another familiar face, is stepping back on her hours.

Ebony Curtain: Putaruru Services Manager

Ebony has 19 years of customer services experience based in the retail, tourism, information and local government sectors. She grew up in Putaruru and currently lives in Tīrau. Ebony has spent a large part of her working life in the South Waikato. With eight years working in the Tīrau Information Centre and the Putaruru Service Centre she is very familiar with our Council systems and customers. Ebony has strong connections with the community generally and has had involvement with local community groups which will be of further benefit to Council.

“As part of these changes we have considered opportunities for the Putaruru Office to take a greater role in working with local customers and groups that partner with Council,” said Ebony. ” The team will be further enhancing their outreach to Tīrau and we will be taking on a greater role working with Pride in Putaruru and Putaruru Moving Forward. Given I was born and schooled in Putaruru, it is a great opportunity for me to lead Council’s Putaruru Customer Service in a town that will always be home to me.”

“Having Pam still working in the office has been invaluable to facilitate a smooth transition,” said Ebony. “I thoroughly enjoy working with the Putaruru team and am looking forward to taking the lead on our customer service journey.”

“Ebony, Pam and the staff run a great service and I encourage the community to make use of our Council and Library facilities in Putaruru,” said Sam Marshall, Council’s Community Group Manager.

How Does the Community Garden Work?

The Putaruru Community Garden probably works a little differently to any other Community Garden you know – this one is run to suit the needs of Putaruru, our Community.

Putaruru Community Gardens

It is totally managed and worked by volunteers who love gardening and all its benefits and believe they can make a difference to the lives of others. These volunteers, some over 70, have given hours of thought, planning, digging, planting, weeding, picking, watering over the 15 months since we started, to get to what you see today.

Over each of the last 6 weeks, members have picked on average 10 supermarket bags of vegetables to distribute to the Food Bank, Churches and Opportunity Shops. They hope that it is starting to make a difference.

The Food Bank is the first place people should go to for help and advice about providing for their family. We deliver fresh produce there each Tuesday morning.

Putaruru Community Gardens

From 9:00am – 10:00am on Tuesdays members are at the garden doing basic maintenance so people are welcome to call in and talk about their needs.

They would also like to hear what input you or any of your family can have in helping, in return for food. “It was never envisaged people help themselves at will with no thought of helping,” said a spokesperson.

The hour on Tuesday mornings will hopefully lead in due course to having spare vegetables and plants for sale.

Come and see the community garden for yourself.

Changes at Putaruru Arts and Crafts

Gloria Green has been elected as the new President of Putaruru Arts and Crafts. The Princes Street shop is a wonderful place for the purchase of those one of a kind, locally made hand-crafted gifts.

Gloria Green, President of Putaruru Arts & Crafts.

There is also an Easter Raffle running at the moment at $1 a ticket, with 6 prizes. The raffle will be drawn on the 12th of April.

Putaruru Arts & Crafts – Princes Street, Putaruru.


Primary Industries Class at Work

Students from the Primary Industries class were all busy this morning maintaining the garden plots at Putaruru College.

The bird netting was being realigned and small weeds being removed during this early autumn gardening session.

There was an invitation to return later in the year to see how the work was progressing. We certainly will!

Putaruru Fire Brigade Bikeathon

The Putaruru Fire Brigade were down at Countdown and Z  for 25 hours doing a Bikeathon, Carwash and a Sausage Sizzle, fundraising for the Leukemia and Blood Foundation.

The event finished at noon on Sunday with a steady stream of cars being processed by the fire brigade carwash system up until this time.

There was good support for this Leukemia and Blood Foundation inspired non-stop activity!

Timber Museum Market Day

The car park area of The Timber Museum became a market stall area on Sunday.

The New Zealand Timber Museum, showcases the history of the Timber Industry in the South Waikato.