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Christmas Parade

It was a great night for the Pride in Putaruru Christmas Parade on Friday. Families lined the parade route from Glenshea Park to Princes Street, and return.

There will be a full report and many pictures in the Prattler due out this Wednesday, but for the record the Float Winners were:

Children & Youth: Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre

Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre.

Commercial: Putaruru Tyres

Putaruru Tyres.

Services, Clubs & Societies: St Pauls Church

St Pauls Church.

Of course Santa and his helpers were at the parade as well!

Santa and his helpers.

And the OVERALL WINNER of the float section of the Christmas Parade was:

 Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre

Owlets Forest Early Learning Centre.


Pride in Putaruru & Putaruru Moving Forward – Funding Model Changes

Pride in Putaruru & Putaruru Moving Forward – Funding Model Changes

Our Focus

We are currently considering the future focus of Pride in Putaruru (PIP) and Putaruru Moving Forward (PMF). This is driven by a changing vision, community engagement and changing times. This engagement document outlines the new focus and the funding required to ensure we deliver on the Putaruru Concept Plan. Add to this, a change in staff, some funding anomalies and other changes and it makes this an ideal time to do a complete review.

This post runs you through those… but first a little background.

The Background

PIP has been part of Putaruru for over 20 years. The activity is half funded by Putaruru Ward residents and half by (some) businesses (ie those currently being rated under the Putaruru Business Rate). It delivers a range of services including but not limited to the Putaruru Business Awards, Christmas Parade, Information Service, Business After 5 Ladies Breakfast, The Prattler, picnic tables, among other events and initiatives.

PMF is a newer group working closely with PIP to prepare Putaruru to meet the demands of the future, foster economic growth and drive community vibrancy.
Both PIP and PMF enjoy an excellent relationship with Elected Members and Council staff. This relationship ensures that together we can make significant positive changes in Putaruru.
The activities of PIP and PMF contribute greatly to the economic and community development of Putaruru.


There is an online survey available at the bottom of this information. We encourage you to read the information first before completing the survey. We suggest too that if you have questions please contact

  • Stu Edmeades (Putaruru Moving Forward) on 0274 409 899; or

  • Ben Smit (Council’s Deputy Chief Executive) on 021 436 580


Current Situation

The PIP contract with Council is up for renewal. The contract is currently $66,125 (incl GST) and has not been increased for a decade.

The scope and current level of funding does not cover the full extent of activities that both groups are now involved in. These new areas were developed over the last few years in response to community and business feedback. Some of these larger projects include the tidy up of the town centre (CBD area), the development of the Putaruru Concept Plan, involvement in the Putaruru Growth Plan and attracting new business to Putaruru.
The Putaruru Concept Plan needs further development to achieve the outcomes that came from community feedback.

The Future

The Putaruru Concept Plan identifies five work streams:

  • Facilitating a strong sense of community
  • Planning for residential growth
  • Supporting existing businesses (eg, shop frontages, mentoring, etc)
  • Managing community events, information centre and the community focused Prattler
  • Encouraging new business development

Extra Resource and Direction

PIP’s current funding employs a part time manager. Our current manager has retired. We have appointed a temporary manager to coordinate events and manage PIP until the end of June 2018.

We believe it is timely for us to employ a full time manager to: 

  • Further develop and support the implementation of the Putaruru Concept Plan.
  • Provide a community support function, eg extra community events, information service, websites and The Prattler.
  • Support business by facilitating mentoring programmes, improved alignment with Waikato Innovation Park, project coordination with PMF and a business development and investment link.
  • Develop and maintain a database of land for sale and business opportunities together with a business investment website to highlight our strengths, our good news and the marketing of Putaruru.
  • The new manager with work closely with PIP and PMF and with Council Elected Members and staff, the SWIF Trust, Waikato River Trails, local business people, Economic Development Agencies and others to develop Putaruru.

Community Benefit vs Business Benefit

Given the focus of the Putaruru Concept Plan, it is felt that the ‘community in general’ and the ‘business community’ will benefit equally from the outcomes of these activities so it is proposed that the current split of the PIP funding being 50% from the Ward and 50% as a business rate remains status quo.

Additional Funding

To employ a full time manager with the experience to drive business development, facilitate business and community connections, deliver events, develop the website, deliver the information service and other functions we need to increase our funding.

To cover the cost of a full time manager and other increases in costs over the last ten years we are looking for additional funding of $64,400 (incl GST).

As part of the total review we are also recommending a change in the rates funding model based on the benefits and equity.

The current rating model is:

  • Putaruru Ward rate – charged at a fixed rate of $24.86 to each property in the Ward.
  • Putaruru Business rate – charged on capital value to all properties currently rated on a designated list. The list of business properties is out of date.

The Business Rate

The current list doesn’t include a number of businesses that it should and includes some properties that it shouldn’t.

Most notably we are proposing to exclude the Rangiuru units as they are residential properties, and include some businesses that should be rated. These businesses will be approached individually.

Currently the business portion of the funding works on capital value only. This could be seen to be inequitable, resulting in a small number of higher value properties paying a significant portion of the funding and lower valued properties paying very little.

To make it more equitable it is proposed that half of the Putaruru Business Rate (ie 25% of total funding) be based on capital value; and half as a flat rate per property (ie, 25% of the total funding). This means the split is more equitable across all businesses.

Funding Model – now and proposed

All business rates will be different depending on its capital value (see examples to the right). Figures, incl GST. Most properties fall into either the Property B or C example below. It is impossible to detail the specifics. If you have a question, contact details are on the front cover.

Below are the rating options that compares 2017-18 rates with proposed rates going forward. Figures, incl GST. Properties in the Ward (ie, not businesses) will see an annual increase in rates of just under $10.

* not all of this funding goes to PIP, there are some additional elements funded, eg CCTV cameras, administration costs

Have your say

  • Online survey link here.

  • Hard copy information engagement flyer (including hard copy survey form) here.

Christmas Carols Quiz

Our new quiz is on-line now and features Christmas Carols.

We give you the first line and you choose from the options the correct next line.

Use this link to start the quiz and/or go to the Fortnightly Quiz tab on this site.

Let’s go!

Putaruru College Winners at The Outlook for Someday Film Challenge

The Outlook for Someday Film Challenge.

In this New Zealand film-making competition, the 20 winning films were made by individuals and teams aged from 9 to 22 years old from all over the country: Millers Flat, Christchurch, Wellington, Otaki, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Putaruru and Auckland.

Each of the winning film-makers received a special award at the red-carpet ceremony, which was MCd by television presenter Te Radar and actor/film-maker Hanelle Harris.

The Stephens Lawyers Young Voices For Change Award went to the team from Putaruru College for a film motivating young people and/or decision-makers to be change-makers. Their film was Hayden’s Time Adventure, a docudrama featuring a trip to the future and back in order to show us the value of self-driving cars.

Just under 1000 people voted in the online poll, for this award which was won by Hayden’s Time Adventure.

The Putaruru College team have won a prize package that includes a Panasonic HC-WXF995 4K Ultra HD Camcorder donated by Photogear.

The Someday Challenge, now in its 11th year, asks young people aged up to 24 to make short sustainability-related films of any genre, filmed with any camera and any length up to 5 minutes.

Putaruru College continues their award winning film-making tradition.

Kuranui School Rehearses Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Kuranui School was in full dress rehearsal mode for their end of year production yesterday when the on-line Prattler visited the Plaza.

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies, a new musical comedy, is a humorous re-telling of the Robin Hood legend that involves the rescue of Maid Marion from the Sheriff of Nottingham and the overthrow of King John. Is this really merry England?

Cash door sales are available from the Plaza for $10 each from 6pm tonight and the show starts at 6:30pm.

Grand Reopening of the Okoroire Hot Pools

Tauhu Paul blesses the entrance way to the hot pools.

On Wednesday the Okoroire Hot Pools were officially re-opened after the unveiling of the entrance carving and the blessing of the complex.

A group has spent 6 months working on the historic pools that were originally built in the 1880s. Because they are Heritage listed, the refurbishment had to respect that fact while at the same time enhancing the area.

Grant Thompson describes the history of the pools and the area.

Everything had to be brought in by hand by a team of hard working men that did a great job. Everyone is very proud of what they have achieved. Many suppliers helped in achieving the natural look of the bush and hot pool setting.

Donna Rasmussen, (Project Manager) and construction team members Tauhu Paul, Patrick Atutahi and Wade Wharewaka.

The springs are therapeutic with pool 1 being 37º and the other 2 around 32º. Running alongside is the Te Waihou River as it flows from the Blue Spring towards the sea.

Prices to use the pools are:

Adults: $16.50
Children 16 and under: $8
Pre School: $3
One Year membership: Family $260, Couple: $190, Individual: $100

The Okoroire Hotel is also renown for functions such as weddings, lunch and dinner. It has 21 rooms available. There are also 21 camping accommodation rooms, not to mention the adjacent golf course and a new massage chair room.

Ring Out the Bells…

The arms were up, down, up, down for a long time mid afternoon yesterday as testing was being carried out on the Main Street railway crossing barrier system. At one stage railway men were actually holding the arms up and waving cars through.

Some times the bells would stop, start, stop, start and there was quite a lot of backing or inching forward as some traffic kept crossing while others waited.

Lights and bells ringing but arms up…

Lets hope this is not a problem caused by a warm but not unusually hot day.

Traffic was backing up in all directions and a number of U turns were being made.

But maybe it was the bells of St Mary’s. What will they ring today?

The Putaruru Christmas Parade

The 2017 Christmas Parade…

Thank you to the schools, businesses, clubs and interest groups that have indicated they will be entering a float into the Putaruru Christmas Parade this year – Friday December 15th.

There is always room for more parade floats, marchers, decorated bikes, banners, costumes, musicians and the like. What are simple ways you can support this event with movement and colour, using things that are around you, spirit rather than dollars.

Be imaginative and add to the parade atmosphere in 2017.

Now contact the new Pride in Putaruru Manager, Rebecca on 07 883 7272 or by email and chat about what you have in mind to enhance the Christmas parade this year. 

The 2017 Christmas Parade…
The 2017 Christmas Parade…
The 2017 Christmas Parade…
The 2017 Christmas Parade…

Deck the Hall…

This is only a small taste of the Hall decorations.

Sunday afternoon saw the opening of the Deck the Hall Christmas event at St Patrick’s Hall, Kensington Street, Putaruru. For the Sunday night only there was also a BBQ and sing along in the appealing tree area out-side the staff room. From Monday evening through to Friday, the Hall is open from 7pm – 9pm.

Under the trees…
A little more Christmas sauce please…
From inside the staffroom…

There were plenty of families there enjoying the Christmas Spirit arranged by St Mary’s School, the Parish Community and Local Businesses, for just a gold coin entry.

The traditional Nativity scene…
Santa sips Putaruru water – that’s the spirit.

Inside the Hall is adorned with great displays and decorations – a sight that has not been since since Room at the Inn at the Putaruru Hotel. The big difference is that Deck the Halls is fully immersive with handstakingly planned and arranged displays of all types.

Two in a sleigh – ride on…

We won’t reveal all here – go along as a family and see for yourselves.

Let there be lights… all things bright and beautiful…

Remember that from Monday evening through to Friday, the Hall is open from 7pm – 9pm. Take the family.

Kids for Kids

At rehearsal in the morning…

Kids for Kids is a tradition in its own right and last night the Plaza stage was packed with children from many schools around the area as they celebrated in song iconic New Zealand music drawn from these World Vision shows over the years.

Singer and composer Nathan King and music director Brooke Baker were the featured artists for this performance.

Nathan in his gumboots…
Brooke hits a high eweeee…

For all involved it was a busy day with students coming together for the first time at rehearsal, then the evening show.

The on-line Prattler was able to capture the mood at the beginning of the second half.

The uke group kicked off the second half…
Local talent to the front…
Computer gamers get with the program…

World Vision’s programmes bring hope to millions of children and the Kids for Kids programme celebrated this with its Kiwi As concerts. This series is now in its 23rd year and during this time has brought more than 280,000 children together.

Modelling some of merchandise – kiwi as…

In 2017 around 10,000 children have taken to the stage and used their voices for good and last night it was the youth of our area that shone.

Inter-School Athletics Day

On you marks, set, read…

It was a hot day for the Inter-School Athletics held at Glenshea Park yesterday.

There were plenty of families present enjoying the competitions and relaxing in the shade.

This day is aimed more at the year 7 and 8 students of the schools in the area so there were a full range of schools represented.

Sports Waikato were there as well as adult and student helpers.

The trees provided some shade for those taking part, especially the long and high jump areas.

The final events of the afternoon were the closely contested relays.

They’re off…
Almost there…
Some of the spectators…

5 new records were set and 1 record equalled on the day.

Davidson Magic At The Plaza

Taking us for a trip…

Delaney Davidson’s Magic Lightbox travelling one man show cast it’s spell at the Plaza Theatre, Putaruru, last night to a transfixed audience. The visuals to many of the songs were presented in glorious Plazarama that dwarfed Delany but never removed the focus from his original music.

A bridge too far…
Bed bugs bite…

It was an evening mix of dark side trips, self cut montages and apocalypse now heart of darkness. One imagines that if Buster Keaton had been Roy Rogers, the world would have been something like that we were treated to.

In one piece, using carefully crafted footage from the film noir, Detour, (now a cult classic), Delaney focused on the inevitable drama of the film and the death ‘chord’ that results in an imagined conviction. Providing his own score to the images Delaney, highlighted the obvious back projection and reversals of the film as he performed to this own back projection.

The end of the line…
The guide to the galaxy?

The film sequences range in content but were usually dark and mysterious, clowns, trains, dogs and icons. It was like a Citizen Kane trip, but on a world stage – a world where snippets are revealed, but one is never quite sure. We are voyeurs.

No trespassing…
It’s only words…
Heart of darkness…

The deadpan chat from Delaney also contributed to this night of music and cinema. Get out season 1 of Brokenwood and re-listen to the soundtrack again. As they say, you had to be there.


Council Favours Improved Engagement Over Maori Seats

South Waikato District Council elected members at the completion of a hearing on Thursday, decided not to introduce designated Māori seats for the 2019 local government elections.

Council also decided to revisit the issue in three years’ time rather than wait for the allowable statutory timeframe of six years.

What came to light during the feedback period was that engagement with Māori and in particular with iwi is different to having designated Māori seats on Council.

Council received 84 submissions, survey responses and feedback about the concept of designated Māori seats. Of the 84 responses, there was an exact even split, with 42 respondents wishing Council to introduce Māori seats and 42 against.

“Representation and engagement options have been discussed with Raukawa, and we will be working with them and other iwi to build on our partnerships that will reflect greater involvement in decision making for our community,” commented Mayor Jenny Shattock. “The development of a closer and more aligned relationship with all iwi groups is something that we are keen to develop.”

Reflecting on the hearing, Mayor Shattock said that the relationship with Māori is continuing to improve and we are confident that it can only get stronger with the development of a comprehensive strategy.

“One of Council’s main outcomes over the coming three years is to focus on relationships with all sectors in the community; seniors, business, youth and pacific island peoples, including Māori and iwi,” said Mayor Shattock. “We have already started this work through the Long Term Plan, holding 14 meetings with sectors in our community and hearing from around 300 people. This has been good positive engagement.”

South Waikato District Council has been proud over the years to have always had Māori representation around the Council table, but the issue facing Council is how to have better engagement with iwi and Māori and whether this should result in having designated Māori seats. Council has decided not to have designated Māori seats at this time however the community can challenge this decision if 5% of eligible voters in the South Waikato request a poll by 23rd February 2018.


Putaruru School of Music: End of Year Concert 2017

Front Row: Katrina Simpson, Ainsley Price, Kristian Philips

The Putaruru School of Music presented its end of year concert on Sunday afternoon at the St Mary’s Hall.

All the classes for the year performed at the concert: guitar, recorder, flute, keyboard and brass as well as the Cambridge Junior Brass Band.


Bernadette Winter, Ben Taylor, Charles Winter, Pierce Winter, Evelyn Winter
Georga Bentley, Olivia Taylor
Imogen Poole

At the conclusion of the afternoon, certificates and trophies were presented.

Richard Heslop was the MC for the concert.

You can help. Why not become a helper for the Putaruru School of Music. The committee meets a few times each term – it’s casual, stress-free and with additional team members, even more can be done for the students.

Student fees are per year, (instalments can be arranged). The yearly fee schedule is:

Brass $75

Keyboard Beginner $75

Keyboard $75

Recorder $60

Flute $75

Guitar $60

Guitar Intermediate $60

Guitar Advanced $60

Suggestions for other instrument tuition are welcome – perhaps you can offer tuition too.

Patricia, 07 883 1181 can answer any questions you may have and provide information about the School of Music.

Riley Sutton, Emily Cassels, Megan Price, Shalia Vaikai

The December Prattler will have the full awards list.

Curtains? We Reveal the Real World.

What writing on the wall?

The report last week, in a certain paper, about the Plaza Theatre curtains revealed something – the writer wasn’t at the Plaza Theatre AGM!

Luckily the Prattler was. To correct the tone of the paper report we have a joint statement from the South Waikato District Council and the Plaza. It states what the AGM made absolutely clear, which means we can lift the curtain and see the actual lines.

The joint news release now follows.

“Council and the South Waikato Arts Trust will be working together to install new stage curtains at The Plaza.

“We’re thrilled that Council will be contributing to the replacement of the curtains,” said Bobbi Sheriff, Chair of the Trust.

“The tone of the news report in Wednesday’s newspaper seemed to imply that we weren’t, which is really unfortunate,” she continued.

The curtains are in need of replacement due to deterioration over the years. New curtains will mean improved focus on Health and Safety regulations relating to fire protection too.

The Trust and Council are jointly funding the project, with Council contributing $12,700 towards what is likely over a $30,000 project.

The Putaruru Plaza has been identified as a significant regional facility and Council is pleased to be working alongside the Trust on the curtains.

“We’re all looking forward to ‘opening’ the brand new curtains!” continued Mrs Sheriff.”

So what can we expect?

You come in off the street, through the doors of the theater. You sit down. The lights go down and the curtain goes up. And you’re in another world. [Robert Caro]

I closed my eyes
Drew back the curtain
To see for certain
What I thought I knew… [Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice]

You draw to the curtains and one thing’s for certain
You’re cozy in your little room
The carpet’s all paid for, God bless the TV
Let’s go shoot a hole in the moon… [Elton John, Bernie Taupin]


Fly me to the moon…


I see red…

Christmas Parade and Shop Window Displays

Christmas Parade 2016…
Shop Front Display, 2016.

Yes – it’s getting near that time again. It’s not too late to add to the occasion by decorating a shop window or entering a float in the Christmas Parade.

The parade in on Friday, December 15th starting at 6:00pm. See the last Prattler for full details or open from the side bar.

The Float Parade is free to enter. There are prizes in each of the 3 sections:


Children & Youth

Services, Clubs and Societies

and a prize for the best float overall. Remember there is only 1 Santa.

Please send completed forms to the PIP office, 2 Overdale Street, by December 1st either in cut out or emailed versions.

Here are the entry forms again for both of these competitions…

Shop Front Display, 2016.
Christmas Parade 2016…
Christmas Parade 2016…

Rotary Book Sale

Rotary Book Sale at the PoP Up Store, Princes Street.
It’s easy to find.

The Annual Rotary Book sale is now in full swing at the PoP Up Store in Princes Street right by the pedestrian crossing.

It opens at 9am each day, closing at 4pm through to Saturday, but has an earlier closing time of 11am on Saturday.

The books are well arranged for easy browsing.
The New Zealand section.

There is a very large selection of books that are arranged in clearly marked sections, such as alphabetical order for fiction, children, DVD’s, New Zealand, and the like.

Prices are:

Individual books: $3 or 4 for $10 (except if marked with a special price)

Magazines: 5 for $1

Children’s Books: 5 for $2

Videos/DVD’s: $2

CD’s: 4@

Jigsaws: $3

Box of books: $25

You can also bring down books to donate for sale.

Get in early to grab a bargain!

Royal New Zealand Navy Band at The Plaza

The Royal New Zealand Navy Band

The main role of the Royal New Zealand Navy Band is to perform as a Military Band providing music for the ceremonial, public relations, recruiting and entertainment requirements of the Royal New Zealand Navy, the New Zealand Defence Force and the New Zealand Government.

However it was the public who were entertained at The Plaza, Putaruru, on Sunday afternoon.

The band’s second item, Plymouth Hoe: A Nautical Overture by John Ansell contains many British music references including Rule Britannia. Conductor Michael Dowrick referenced The Two Ronnies while introducing this piece and one wonders whether we should ho, hoe, or not, not wanting be be drawn down to the sea in slips.

Light in Darkness, a piece by Evelyn Glennie, featured marimba and guitar. This is a recently written piece that was warmly received.

Marimba and guitar…

During the afternoon there were a great variety of styles and compositions that are not necessarily associated with bands – a tribute to the works chosen.

The audience was put into quiz mode with the piece that featured music of the 1970’s. Yes we knew the tune snippets but just what was the name of that ‘bit’ again? Some snatches were themes associated with; The Muppet Show, Butch Cassidy, Deliverance, Simon and Garfunkle and Scot Joplin as we were transported downtown by locomotion.

The familiar Chuck Mansion piece, used as a soundtrack to the film Children of Sanchez, arranged for guitar and trumpet, concluded the first half of the concert.

Children of Sanchez – guitar.


Children of Sanchez – trumpet.

A small Dixie group from the band opened the second half and featured, Won’t you Go Home Bill Bailey, and Chicago.

New Orleans in Putaruru…

Other pieces this half ranged from Remembrance, which featured the bagpies, (and my spell check thought this should be magpies – probably stuck in Denis Glover mode), to the formal Sunset and concluded with the rousing Heart of Oak.

Bagpipes sound In remembrance of the Battle of Jutland.

It was a professionally polished afternoon of music, no actual marching, but the beat was there thanks to the musicianship of the Royal New Zealand Navy Band. No followers of The Village People were harmed in this presentation.

LT Michael Dowrick – conductor.
Clap, clap, shh, shh ,clap – the audience is encourage together into the swing…


3rd Birthday Celebrations for Transform Aotearoa

Kim Jepsen, Centre Manager at Transform Aotearoa.

Thursday night saw 3rd Birthday celebrations for Transform Aotearoa at their Tirau Street location.

Transform Aotearoa is a Charitable Trust that has been established to support New Zealanders in provincial towns on a journey towards wholeness.

Some of those speaking at the 3rd Birthday celebrations were:

Skinz Edwards.
Vanessa Wilson and Belena Hohaia (Women’s liason at Transform Aotearoa).
Caroline Mahanga.

The celebrations outlined the varied aspects of the work being done by the Trust. These aspects include:

Whakahonohono Mai: This is a 10 week Women’s leadership and personal development programme focused on strength, identity, worth,value and goal setting.

Te Moana Kura: this is a 9 week, stage 2 course that builds upon tools learnt in Whakahonohonomai. A personal move from a place of insecurity to a place of promise and freedom.

Te Kaupapa Whakamana: This is an 11 week Men’s leadership and personal development programme focused on being a good father/role model, learning to love and appreciate your partner and children, managing hard feelings, overcoming difficulties and goal setting.

Lamen Hohaia (Community Liason and Men’s Programmes).

WOW: Friday Ladies Gathering: A community of ladies who have graduated from our women’s programme, who meet together weekly to continue learning and helping in the community together.

CAP: Christians Against Poverty is an 8 week course offering tools to break life controlling dependencies like alcohol, smoking, gambling, drugs or internet addictions that wreck lives and cause financial and relational poverty.

Personal Presentation in the Workplace: A 10 week course offering skills and knowledge of personal hygiene, physical presentation and body maintenance to project a positive self image and self esteem at home or in the work place.

Driver Licensing: Pathway to obtaining a drivers licence.

ShineGIRL and STRENGTH: This is a 9 week course in Putaruru College for teenagers to develop their understanding of their own personal identity, strength, purpose and direction for their life.

Rangatahi Youth Summits: These are run monthly on a Saturday by a qualified youth practitioner and professional dance and creative art tutors to inspire our youth.

Naomi Reese and Kiri TeAurere Joyce-Paora.

Building Awesome Whanau: This is a strength based course resonating with whanau, assisting to inspire and empower parents and caregivers to aim for great outcomes.

Other speakers included:

Gray Baldwin
Mayor, Jenny Shattock.

Mayor Jenny Shattock noted some common aims of The South Waikato District Council and Transform Aotearoa.

At the end of the formal celebrations, specially prepared food was laid out for those attending.

Lamen Hohaia and Munro Rikiriki in the lead up to the blessing of the food.

Transform Aotearoa is located upstairs at 32 Tirau Street.

Friday Night Christmas Market and Buckland Street Childcare Garage Sale

An open note to the weather organiser on Friday night – “thank you.”

Crowds turned out for the Friday Night Market held at the Putaruru Hotel and this year it was clear, warm and fine.

The evening was an event organised by the Putaruru Toy Library, (situated just around the corner). A market feature is its support of local and New Zealand made goods.

Ashley Samkin displays goo from one of the goo packs she made herself.

The outside lawn was ringed with stalls of both goods and food. The Putaruru Volunteer Fire Brigade and St John were also set up, as well as providing rides up and down the road.

Under the hotel outside entrance were the sounds of Christmas Carols and the smells associated with BBQ food being freshly prepared.

Inside the Putaruru Hotel the entrance and 3 rooms were full of stalls, displays, herbal health products, and massage treatments. Many offerings of clothing, crafts and of course tempting sweets were also available.

The Toy Library had their Christmas sweet house raffle on sale and tickets for this are still available.

Buckland Street Childcare Garage Sale

On Saturday morning, Buckland Street Childcare held a morning Garage Sale in their grounds.

There was a relaxed friendly atmosphere as people explored the large number of goods being offered for sale. Again the fine weather prevailed.